Fantastic place with outstanding food

Nice location at harbor of Almere Haven. Very good food. Great place for business relations or taking your partner out to celebrate an anniversery.


4 September 2019

Good for Almere - OK for the rest of the World

Seen in the perspective of the city of Almere, this restaurant probably is one of the best addresses in town, in larger perspective it doesn't offer anything I too special. It is all very safe, pleasant cooking techniques, but nothing to write home about and sometimes downright odd (a dessert made of textures, that doesn't match at all). Service is somewhat robotic, with one older gentleman and lots of younger girls that aren't really trained well enough or are allowed to let their own personalities shine


20 July 2019

Great restaurant

Great restaurant, good food great quality. A bit expensieve but it's all worth it. Nice service.


14 June 2019

Very good

Not cheap but it's worth enjoying your dinner or lunch here. Excellent service brings you fine prepared meals in combination with pleasant wine. The housewine is very good

5 April 2019

Yes yes yes you’re back

Wonderful dinner last night. Clients for over 10 years at the place. My last few reviews were mixed feelings with owners changing and them not really finding their groove. HOWEVER, you guys are back in buisiness. Very good quality, innovative, old bakboord style but in a new and this time GOOD coat. I had coquilles as starter, tournedos as main and white chocolate as dessert. The coquilles were simply amazing, i think i never had them this good. Explosion of flavour, really an experience. Main plate was also very good and dessert as well. Also my family had steak tartare as main, let me tell you this... you will be suprised! Definitely added an ‘experience’ to dinner. I love the playfullness. Again really good quality of products and just innovative tasting again, we got the word a new chef was in town and I am very pleased bakboord deciding to take on a new chef. This one is definitely much much better. Staff also good. Some traditional waiters and young staff. I like it Way to go bakboord and i am glad we did not give up on you


23 February 2019

Great dining experience

Great reception, nice staff and glorious food. Every moment of this dining experience was one worth not losing.


26 January 2019

What a great diner we had yesterday night !!!

Not only the food was delicious, fine, tasty, well presented in a perfect environment but also the employees were so kind !!! After diner we couldn’t find a Uber or taxi, then Chris, a manager of the restaurant, proposed himself to bring us back to our hotel in Almere. It was so kind of him !!! Such an amazing experience this restaurant!!! Thanks for all ! We’ll be back !


29 October 2018

A Michelin experience

We are usually not the fine dining type of people, but for our anniversary we decided to try out the Bib Gourment with 6 courses at Brasserie Bakboord. We were a bit nervous because we are not the easiest eaters (one of us doesn't eat meat or shell fish and the other doesn't eat fish) which we all told the restaurant and hoped for the best. And the best it was; all dishes were exquisite; even when the ingredient list contained things we would normally not order, we were continuously surprised in a positive way. Also the waiters were very friendly and professional and made us feel really welcome and at ease. We really enjoyed this experience, which made our special night just perfect, and would definitely return here!


9 October 2018

Food is good,location is great

We opted for starter and main course. The food was quite good however, for the price you pay it probably is not worth it. For example starters: around 15 Euros for 1 scallop, or 13 Euros for 4 Shrimps. For Mains the quality of the meat was very good. The Tuna dish however didn't seem to work with the vermicelli. So all in all an average experience.


2 October 2018

Great Place

We visited this place on the 16th of July. The staff is very polite and the servicing is quick. The food was delicious. This place has an amazing water view.


22 July 2018